To ensure only the pleasant memories we strongly recomend you to familiarize yourself with some basic rules:

There are no special requirements for outfit. Casual wear would be ideal, especially jeans. Clothing with long sleeves will keep you warm during evening or morning flights. A sunhat will let you feel comfortable and protect your head from heat emitted from the burner. You may wear any shoes, except high heels and sandals

Before and taking of
The most important moment is when a hot air balloon is prepared for flight. This is done by an experienced ground team. Nearly all hot air ballooning accidents occur during inflation. So, if your pilot insists, step back and watch this process from a safe distance. To begin with, a hot air balloon is inflated with cold air. As the air inside the balloon heats up it starts to expand. The pilot then checks the valve and off you go. This preparation takes 10 to 20 minutes.

In the air
Just relax and enjoy the flight. The pilot will willingly answer all your questions. You are not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol beverages during the flight. Don’t forget that you will need to land safely. The flight takes one to one-and-a-half hour.

It is one of the most extreme moments of the flight. The pilot chooses the landing place and informs the passengers. The landing isn’t soft, as the hot air balloon gondola or basket does not have wheels. Don’t panic and follow the pilot’s instructions. Don’t rush to get out of the basket. Wait for the pilot’s command.

Throughout your journey you will be accompanied by the ground team. It will arrive at the landing place, put the balloon away and take you back from where you started.

But your adventure is not yet over. At the starting place you will be inaugurated and awarded a certificate of your first flight.

We wish you pleasant impressions!